Tour with Warren Franklin!

Hey all!  We are headed back out on the road, here are the dates!  We literally just figured the places, so nothing is booked.  E-mail us if you want to help us book it!

oct 29th Chicago, IL

oct 30th St. Louis, MO
oct 31st Kansas City, MO-booked at sam’s house with T.I and emo side project
nov 1st Tulsa, OK
nov 2nd Fort Worth, TX
nov 3rd Austin, TX
nov 4th- Alabama
nov 5th- new orleans LA
nov 6th- hattisburg MS
nov-7th-Tallahassee, FL
nov- 8th Orlando, FL
nov 9th-Gainesville, FL
nov 10th -tba
nov 11th tba
nov 12th kalamazoo mi

Time as a Color subscription 7″ series!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Penfold reunion, it was an amazing time.  Penfold was incredible, as was Marigold.  You can still get both Penfold records at Count Your Lucky Stars and In the Clouds (different records for sale at each respective label).  Penfold = one of the best bands ever!

We also have an exciting project to announce!  We are participating in a subscription based series, entitled “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs 3×7″.  This is being put out by the incredible label, Time as a Color.  Here is some more info:

chapter I: i found myself in austin, texas // bail // her breath on glass 3-way split 7″ (out in 2 weeks)
unreleased songs by bail and hbog, a song from their demo by ifmiat
chapter II: the rabbit theory // eucalypt // kids return // duct hearts 4-way split 7″ (master is ready, will take care of it as soon as chapter I is out)
chapter III your neighbour the liar // empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) // smithsonian 3-way split 7″

there’s different options for subscriptions:

option a: receive each record as soon as it’s out (in 3 parcels):

germany: eur 15 (payment via bank transfer)
europe/world: eur 20 (payment via paypal)

option b: receive records in 2 parcels (chapter I and II in one mailing as soon as II is out, chapter III + box when it’s out)
europe/world: eur 17

option c: “friends-option” (you and your friend both want option a and i can send them to the same address)
europe/world: eur 29

more info can be found at

We will be in touch soon!



Back from tour, new pre-order, tour!

We are back from tour and we had an amazing time!  Thanks to our buddies in Mountains for Clouds and Nate for coming with us and filling in our missing pieces.  Thanks to Vincent for being an amazing merch guy, and to everyone who came out to our shows and helped booked them.  We know they were last minute, but this still managed to be one of our best tours ever!

Now that we are back, there are a lot things afoot.  Topshelf records have now launched pre-orders for our new 7″, entitled On Time Spent Waiting, Or Placing the Weight of the World on the Shoulders of Those You Love the Most.  You can get it with a T-shirt or as a package deal with all four colors, or just the record itself.  The record is available in Cream, Baby Blue, Green, and Opaque Red, though the Cream is already sold out!  That took less than a day, so make sure you get on a copy before it’s too late!

We also created a tumblr, though at this point it is very bare-boned, but since a lot of people seem to be using that, we figured it was high-time we made one.  Follow us here:  Count Your Lucky Stars now has one too, which can be found at

Next weekend is the big show!  We are playing the Penfold reunion show in Hoboken, NJ at Maxwells.  We couldn’t be more excited!  The vinyl version of Amateurs & Professionals will also be available there, so be excited for that too.

We are also planning on going into the studio to finish up a few small projects we have had in line for some time, and we will keep you updated on that.  Following that, we are planning a nice lil’ three-week jaunt with our good pal and label-mate Warren Franklin to the South and East Coast.  West Coast, don’t hate us, we swear we will make it out there next year.

That’s it for now!



*REVISED* August Tour with Mountains for Clouds!

Great news!  We are once again hitting the road with our friends Mountains for Clouds!  Here are the places we are planning on going.  As usual, we are late in announcing/booking this tour, so any date with a * needs help!

8/25- Ann Arbor, MI @ The Frozen Banana Stand w/ Mountains for Clouds, 2194, Brave Bird, Stars as Mirrors
8/26- Chicago, IL @ the SubT w/Mountains for Clouds, Dick Wolf, Late in the Playoff’s
8/27- OFF (We are going to watch the Braid show, haha)
8/28- Kalamazoo, MI @ the Strut w/ Mountains for Clouds, An Aesthetic Anesthetic, Analecta
8/29- Columbus, Ohio @ the Summit w/ Mountains for Clouds,  The End of the Ocean, Colors, and the Life Aquatic
8/30- Philadelphia, PA @ the Cracker Factory w/ Mountains for Clouds, Jet Set Sail, Band Name,  and Marathon Girl
8/31- Willimantic, CT @ The Handsome Woman w/Mountains for Clouds, TWIABP, Big Soda, Osier Bed Address: 271 Ash Street
9/1- Magnolia, DE @ Josh’s House (250 Shadywood Lane, Magnolia, Delaware 19962) w/ Mountains for Clouds, The Useless
9/2- Fredrick, MD @ All Saints Episcopalian church. 106 church st frederick md, 21701 w/ Mountains for Clouds, Coxey Brown, The Harrison Four, Dementia and Hope Trails, and Motel Art
9/3- Alexandria, VA @little mans garage w/ Mountains for Clouds, Montpellier, Whenskiesaregray, Figure/Ground, and Carved Our Names in Snow
9/4- Barnsville, OH @ The Lakeview House (OMG, will we meet Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock?/Will they ever meet?) w/ Mountains for Clouds
Address: 321 West Main Street, Barnesville, OH 43713

Again, any help would be appreciated!  We will play your basement/house/diy venue/large concert hall.  E-mail us any suggestions/shows/ideas/etc at
See you all really soon!


We are back from Japan!  It was honestly one of the best tours we have ever had, and we couldn’t have had a better time.  At some point, I hope to type up a journal of sorts of all the great times we had, but this update is going to have to suffice for now.  We want to thank Tak and everyone who made the trip special, and we can’t wait to come back.

As many of you have already noticed, we brought some cool souvenirs back with us- including our new 7″, Home After Three Months, the new Middle Discography CD, and restocks of the Japanese Imports of What It Takes to Move Forward.  We are already sold out of the Clear variant of the 7″, but there are still some Cream ones left, so get on them while they are still available.

Cool thumbnails!:

On the note of tours, we are about to embark on quite a few more, all within the confines of our lovely country.  The first of such will be in late August with our friends Mountains for Clouds.  Details on that will be up very soon!

We are hoping to have our new 7″ from Topshelf (succinctly titled “On Time Spent Waiting, or Placing the Weight of the World on the Shoulders of Those You Love the Most“) by then.  In the meantime, you can hear a new song the aforementioned release (forgive me if I don’t want to retype it) on the new Topshelf Sampler, which you can download for a “like” or a tweet: