Split 7″ Records

Empire! Empire!/Into It. Over It. split 7″

Format: 7″
Release Date: 10/12/10
Label: Count Your Lucky Stars

if we had found you any later, you would have drowned

keith latinen – vocals / guitar
cathy latinen – guitar
nate squires – bass
jon steinhoff – drums

all the streets had emptied, spilling forth like a parade, and you
were eighteen and i was eighteen. then, all of east lansing was
littered with collegiate speak and irony that slurred new beginnings
with tired speech. now, it serves as a constant reminder of how youth
is wasted on youth.

Empire! Empire!/Football, etc. split 7″

Release Date: 12/15/09
Format: 7″
Label: Count Your Lucky Stars

documenting thirty days
keith latinen – vocals / guitar
cathy latinen – guitar
dj degennaro – bass
jon steinhoff – drums

i wrote it down, in case i might forget how tall you make me feel-
like i was towering over trees and buildings
(and you made it sound so easy).
then, i would wear your strength like a bright badge pinned to my chest.
right there, you made me swear i would not forget.
i still remember that may, when a late frost taught me
that even the things we left for dead
can resurface, and
every step was magnified by the sharpest snap that seemed to say,
“your voice is still small, and will not carry anything.”
and even the smallest words cling to the roof of my mouth.
and i broke my promise again and again!
it’s all i can do, sitting here waiting,
hoping the words will just fall from my mouth
(like when you were around me)
and all i need is to read what you told me,
“everything else in the world disappears when your voice wraps around me”