Home After Three Months Away

Home After Three Months Away

Format: 7″

Label: Stiff Slack

The Loneliness Inside Me Is a Place

will all my twenties find me so guarded?
littered and documented by meticulous word choice and closed lips
to read like:

all things bear this-
a purpose! or romance!

but the truth is much more complicated than that

and i am still trying to learn how time is a gift

(as much as it is a burden)


last night, i dreamt the old, sea foam green paint
in the room my brother and i once shared
was swallowing up the walls again
(a forest of latex reclaiming acres of land)

you were there too!
swimming in your father’s army jacket and sprawled across my floor
like an arm of the sea separating the rest of the world from you and me

when i woke, the first thing i checked were the walls-
still dressed like new in a brown sugar coat

and you were still beside me
your face was warm and flushed with sleep

i am trying so hard not to take this all for granted

so you do not stir, i lay back down quietly
hands nestled or anchored just behind the small of your back

Everything Rests on Your Small Shoulders

i remember when you thought you found god
painted a cross on your forehead
and wandered around my backyard like a saint
or a shepherd tending to his flock

the irony was not lost on me

and for all your newfound love
you still seemed like a bastard

then, you carried on like all the world was yours
to pity and to teach and comfort

(as if because, somehow, you forgave yourself,
that all your terrible deeds have been undone)

I Swim like a Minnow

you bobby-pinned your auburn hair back,
as we crossed over the washington state line in my grandfather’s car

we were fleeing the scene of a california coast line,
where we buried our dreams among the gridlock and concrete

barefoot, we pulled off the road, and stepped into the summer night
and we drank greedily of greenery and open air

this was not the time or place to address
the emptiness that hung around us

or how the end of this trip birthed us with uncertainty
of what to do next