On Time Spent Waiting, or Placing the Weight of the World on the Shoulders of Those You Love the Most
Format: 7″
Release Date: 10/11/11

The Only One Who Could Ever Reach You

the smell of salt hangs in the air
heavy and pregnant with tears

how could i have ever have thought i could call this place home

(where a sea of concrete swallows everything)

so while you paced the floor of our apartment
(a prison for two months still)
i was forcing conversation and not fitting in

dear, there is no shame in cutting all of our losses!

let the whole damn coast fall in

Everything Familiar Has Disappeared!  The World Looks Brand-new!

i was wrong, you were not bigger than this
and long before i was baltimore bound
you had changed- your heart was not in it
and the fewer words that tied your hands to this, the better

cut all ties off, and retreat to your father’s house!

but i think it’ll feel the same no matter where you are

so even if i had wanted you to stay
it wouldn’t have changed anything

anyway, if even time couldn’t sober you up
than i feel sorry for you

When You Are Done Living on Borrowed Time

we slept by the ottoman
autumn rushing to our ears
(a symphony of leaves kissing leaves kissing leaves)

this time last year, you were a ghost,
trapped in your room and spanning the length of your bed to your door
like it was the atlantic

what a difference a year makes!
steadier footing and a new place
to lay your head down

I Would Have Stolen You a Whole Orchestra

you carry all your weight-

tightly stretched across your face,
like evidence or proof that everything aged you

i measured steady breaths
(afraid of truth, or of being rebuked),
“what horrible things cling to you?”

i did not expect to get an answer at all
or for your to let your guard down

but either a ghost or a sigh escaped you

your color fled, though your resistance would not be moved

you said, “when you have given so much, so little remains.

like a wound that will never heal, all that’s left is to wait”

Home After Three Months Away

Format: 7″

Label: Stiff Slack

The Loneliness Inside Me Is a Place

will all my twenties find me so guarded?
littered and documented by meticulous word choice and closed lips
to read like:

all things bear this-
a purpose! or romance!

but the truth is much more complicated than that

and i am still trying to learn how time is a gift

(as much as it is a burden)


last night, i dreamt the old, sea foam green paint
in the room my brother and i once shared
was swallowing up the walls again
(a forest of latex reclaiming acres of land)

you were there too!
swimming in your father’s army jacket and sprawled across my floor
like an arm of the sea separating the rest of the world from you and me

when i woke, the first thing i checked were the walls-
still dressed like new in a brown sugar coat

and you were still beside me
your face was warm and flushed with sleep

i am trying so hard not to take this all for granted

so you do not stir, i lay back down quietly
hands nestled or anchored just behind the small of your back

Everything Rests on Your Small Shoulders

i remember when you thought you found god
painted a cross on your forehead
and wandered around my backyard like a saint
or a shepherd tending to his flock

the irony was not lost on me

and for all your newfound love
you still seemed like a bastard

then, you carried on like all the world was yours
to pity and to teach and comfort

(as if because, somehow, you forgave yourself,
that all your terrible deeds have been undone)

I Swim like a Minnow

you bobby-pinned your auburn hair back,
as we crossed over the washington state line in my grandfather’s car

we were fleeing the scene of a california coast line,
where we buried our dreams among the gridlock and concrete

barefoot, we pulled off the road, and stepped into the summer night
and we drank greedily of greenery and open air

this was not the time or place to address
the emptiness that hung around us

or how the end of this trip birthed us with uncertainty
of what to do next

Year of the Rabbit

Release Date: 2/19/08
Format: 7″
Label: Count Your Lucky Stars

year of the rabbit

keith latinen – vocals / guitar / bass
cathy latinen – guitar
joe sak – drums

don’t say goodnight. is this your life, or are you holding on? dear it’s alright to say enough! to let your body break down.
and they will never know what broke your heart. if only i could say how sorry i felt.
don’t turn your head- it’s hard enough to know it’s all my fault. yes, i regret i laid myself out when your eyes cried, “please help me darling.”
don’t say goodnight! it’s not enough to get me through this night. don’t say goodbye, it’s not alright to know you’re hurting and i cannot help you.
and they will never know what broke your heart. and all the words escape from out of my mouth.

idk, my bff jill

keith latinen – vocals / guitar / bass / drums
cathy latinen – guitar / vocals

will i ever understand how anything gets done? i tied a knot in my heart for you, thinking that’s what you wanted. i tried to make my voice sincere (tell everyone how hard it was!) and anyway, i could never reach your ears, like the weight of it’s wings were clipped when they hovered near you.
should i tie your arms afloat to its melody, and anchor my heart to you in hopes i’ll climb out your mouth? i was so sure you wanted love, how could anyone find doubt? i tied a knot in my heart for you, though it’s not what you wanted.
(wear your heart out for me).