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$5 Download of our new album!

We are very excited to announce both our labels will be offering a $5 digital download of our new album “You Will Eventually Be Forgotten” until our release date on Tuesday. Each download comes with our lyrics embedded so that you can read along with them while you listen. This also gives you a chance to get it in it’s proper high-fidelity format and hear it the way it was intended to be heard. Thanks for all the kind words and support so far!

Count Your Lucky Stars RecordsBandcamp:
Topshelf Records Bandcamp:

Stream our new album at Interview Magazine!

THE STREAM IS UP! You can now listen to our entire new LP at the wonderful Interview Magazine. We are so, so, so proud of this album and we really hope you like it too! 11 tracks spanning around 40 minutes 

Listen to it here:

If you like what you hear, you can get it from our lovely labels Count Your Lucky Stars Records or Topshelf Records. Pre-Orders for the first pressing will begin shipping this week.


The second pressing of “When the Sea Became a Giant” is sold out too, so CYLS has the third pressing up for pre-order. “On Time Spent Waiting” is also being repressed at Topshelf, so grab that from them too. 

Also, excited to announce a super long megatour with our buddies in Free Throw
to support our new album. Please catch us on the road, some more dates to be announced:

Tour Dates:
09/15/2014 – Columbus, OH @ Skully’s #
09/16/2014 – Nashville, TN @ Exponent Manor*
09/17/2014 – Atlanta, GA @ Wonder Root*
09/18/2014 – Savannah, GA @ Graveface HQ*
09/19/2014 – Orlando, FL @ Backbooth*
09/20/2014 – New Orleans, LA @ The Beatnik*
09/21/2014 – Houston, TX @ The Summit*
09/22/2014 – Austin, TX @ Holy Mountain*
09/23/2014 – Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves*
09/24/2014 – Oklahoma City, OK @ Marshall House*
09/25/2014 – Kansas City, MO @ Art Closet Studio*
09/26/2014 – Moline, IL @ Blackhawk Room*
09/27/2014 – Chicago, IL @ Township*
10/01/2014 – Fargo, ND @ The New Direction*
10/02/2014 – Sioux Falls, SD @ Total Drag Records*
10/06/2014 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon Lounge*
10/08/2014 – Portland, WA @ Slabtown*
10/09/2014 – San Fransisco CA @ Submission*
10/10/2014 – San Jose, CA @ San Jose Rock Shop*
10/11/2014 – Pomona, CA @ VLHS*
10/12/2014 – Los Angeles, CA @ Los Globos*
10/13/2014 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Nile Underground*
10/14/2014 – Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Wonk*
10/15/2014 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Shred Shed*
10/16/2014 – Cheyenne, WY @ University of Wyoming*
10/17/2014 – Omaha, NE @ The Slowdown Jr*
10/18/2014 – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar*
10/19/2014 – Indianapolis, IN @ The Hoosier Dome*
10/20/2014 – Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s*
10/21/2014 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Mr. Roboto Project*
10/22/2014 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire*
10/23/2014 – Amnityville, NY @ The Woodshop*
10/26/2014 – Boston, MA @ T.T. & the Bear’s Place*
10/27/2014 – North Haven, CT @ Up All Night Collective*
10/28/2014 – Asbury Park @ Asbury Lanes*
10/29/2014 – Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery*
10/31/2014 – Gainesville, FL @ The Fest 13

# w/ Mineral & Into It. Over It.
* w/ Free Throw

Download a chapter from “Ribbon” now!

If you’ve been wondering just how cool the graphic novel is from our upcoming LP “You Will Eventually Be Forgotten”- then wonder no more! Head over to Wondering Sound to download a chapter from “Ribbon”- for the song called “A Keepsake”. Props to our boy Free Ben Sears for his talent:

After you fall in love, order the album/graphic novel/shirt/cool other stuff atCount Your Lucky Stars Records and Topshelf Records!


Help out You Blew It!

We didn’t post about this earlier but now seems like an appropriate time. When we were in Chicago last Saturday, our van got broken into and Warren’s laptop and iPod got stolen. The thieves rooted through all of our stuff and threw it everywhere- luggage, our backpack with our guitar pedals we accidentally left in the car during the show, our bags of food, our GPS, etc. It was a mess, and we felt violated. But we got lucky because our guitars and other valuables were inside (it happened during our show in broad daylight), and they left mostly everything else. It was a big deal to us, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. They they took very little.

But our good friends in You Blew It! just had a break-in, and they weren’t so lucky. They lost everything- all their gear, guitars, and personal items. Having had a brush with it recently, let me tell you how much that can ruin a band. We all work so hard to be able to afford nice gear, and those little essential luxuries that help us out enourmously on the road, like laptops, iPods, etc. We were fine, we don’t need any help, but they do. Please, please, please find it in your heart to support them in their time of need. These are good people who deserve better than this.

Read up on how you can do that here:

More Hardcovers!

Good news! Since the hardcover version of the graphic novel sold out so quickly, we decided to make more! They are still limited, but they are now limited to 300 instead. Get it from Count Your Lucky Stars Records andTopshelf Records now before they are gone again. Pick up our record for pre-order too, because that is going fast as well, and you want to get a first press edition!