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Web Store


We now have a web store!

We’ve got some Ladder crew necks that will probably nevvvvvvver be back in stock, splits with Joie De Vivre, splits with Rika, splits with Arrows, the CYLS #2 split, When the Sea Became a Giant, first pressings of You Will Eventually Be Forgotten, and more! Go get it!

2014 in review!

Mt. Empiremore

Dear 2014,

Thank for ruling so hard. We put out our new LP, “You Will Eventually Be Forgotten” on Count Your Lucky Stars Records and Topshelf Records, put up pre-orders to reissue our first LP “What It Takes to Move Forward” on CYLS, and put out a split with Joie De Vivre on Run For Cover Records.

We also went to Europe with The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die toured to SxSW with Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers, did an amazing acoustic run with The Early November, a tiny one with Koji and did a big ol’ US tour with Free Throw. We were on the road for a looonngggg time this year!

On top of that, we are finally a 4-piece band again, adding Jon and Gooey to the line-up. What a blast!

Thanks so much for being part of our year! We can’t wait to see you all on the road, and we are super excited for all the things to come out of next year. We hope you are spending tonight with people you love. If not, enjoy this song, haha.

What It Takes repress and tour!


We are very pleased to announce we are repressing empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate)’s iconic album “What It Takes to Move Forward” on vinyl and CD this February. New pressing sounds better and is now in original track order, along with two more bonus tracks. You can catch the band on tour with Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers this January/February playing the entire album from front to back at these places. Details/venues come next week:

Thu Jan 29 Cleveland, OH
Fri Jan 30 Chicago, IL
Sat Jan 31 Lansing, MI
Sun Feb 1 OFF, watching the Lions win the Super Bowl.
Mon Feb 2 Toronto, ON
Tue Feb 3 Rochester, NY
Wed Feb 4 New York, NY
Thu Feb 5 Boston, MA
Fri Feb 6 New Haven, CT
Sat Feb 7 Philadelphia, PA
Sun Feb 8 Pittsburgh, PA

PRE-ORDERS ON TUESDAY, PRESSING INFO: 500 Black on 180 gram, 500 on splatter (disc A/B pink on clear, disc C/D gray on clear).


Ribbon- IRL!

WE JUST GOT THE BEST NEWS THAT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! The graphic novels have FINALLY shipped to us. Right now, it’s just the paperback, but the hardcover should be here very, very soon.

In the meantime, Count Your Lucky Stars Records and Topshelf Records will begin shipping them out ASAP. We are planning on doing something special for you all for being super patient and putting up with the super long wait next week. YAY! Look for the novels going out in the next week.

In the meantime, see you at THE FEST? We play Sunday at 11:40 PM at the Boca Fiesta!

Ribbon Update!

BIG UPDATE ON THE GRAPHIC NOVEL: First of all, let us apologize about the long wait for the “Ribbon”. We certainly never expected to run into so many delays and we know you have all been patiently waiting. WE HAVE THE BEST NEWS- WE HAVE A SHIPPING DATE FINALLY!

The printing plant making them has let us know that they will be finished and shipping to us the week of the 13th for the paperback and the 27th for the hardcover. That’s just a little over a week! As soon as they get to us, we will start shipping them out to you. Keep in mind that it will still take time for them to ship the novels to us before we can ship them to you.

TL;DR: “Ribbon” finishes production from the plant and will be shipped to us the week of the 13th and 27th. They will ship to us and we will ship them to you ASAP.