Ribbon Update!

BIG UPDATE ON THE GRAPHIC NOVEL: First of all, let us apologize about the long wait for the “Ribbon”. We certainly never expected to run into so many delays and we know you have all been patiently waiting. WE HAVE THE BEST NEWS- WE HAVE A SHIPPING DATE FINALLY!

The printing plant making them has let us know that they will be finished and shipping to us the week of the 13th for the paperback and the 27th for the hardcover. That’s just a little over a week! As soon as they get to us, we will start shipping them out to you. Keep in mind that it will still take time for them to ship the novels to us before we can ship them to you.

TL;DR: “Ribbon” finishes production from the plant and will be shipped to us the week of the 13th and 27th. They will ship to us and we will ship them to you ASAP.