Order status questions!

Ok, here is a order status update on your items that you have ordered from either Count Your Lucky Stars Records or Topshelf Records:

– If you ordered an Picnic shirt, Monster Shirt, or Chrono Trigger shirt from CYLS, those are now in and shipping if the rest of the order can be fulfilled. The “You Will Eventually Be Forgotten “CDs are in and the second press for the LP is still on time and scheduled for early October. So is the third pressing of “When the Sea Became a Giant”.

– IF YOU HAVE ORDERED AN EMPIRE! EMPIRE! GRAPHIC NOVEL: This obviously is taking a lot longer than anticipated, and we are very sorry for that. We have run into a lot of unexpected problems and we would have never have thought these would take so long to get to us. But rest assured that this delay is for good reason and that, in the end, you are going to get the best product we could put out there and will be well worth the wait. We are anticipating these to be sent to us and out to you in approximately 2-3 weeks, which we know is not what everyone wants to hear. Our hands are tied and we just have to wait at this point. We will keep you updated and as new information comes in, we will pass that to you. In the meantime, if you have not gotten your download from your pre-order, please email either CYLS or Topshelf and they will make sure you are taken care of. Again, sorry for the delay. We want this as much as you do.