Help out You Blew It!

We didn’t post about this earlier but now seems like an appropriate time. When we were in Chicago last Saturday, our van got broken into and Warren’s laptop and iPod got stolen. The thieves rooted through all of our stuff and threw it everywhere- luggage, our backpack with our guitar pedals we accidentally left in the car during the show, our bags of food, our GPS, etc. It was a mess, and we felt violated. But we got lucky because our guitars and other valuables were inside (it happened during our show in broad daylight), and they left mostly everything else. It was a big deal to us, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. They they took very little.

But our good friends in You Blew It! just had a break-in, and they weren’t so lucky. They lost everything- all their gear, guitars, and personal items. Having had a brush with it recently, let me tell you how much that can ruin a band. We all work so hard to be able to afford nice gear, and those little essential luxuries that help us out enourmously on the road, like laptops, iPods, etc. We were fine, we don’t need any help, but they do. Please, please, please find it in your heart to support them in their time of need. These are good people who deserve better than this.

Read up on how you can do that here: