New shirts and restocks!

WE HAVE NEW SHIRTS IN! Hooray! We put them up inCount Your Lucky Stars Records webstore! One is a classic shirt we printed way back in 2009/10ish and hasn’t been printed since. That’s the green guy, labeled the “Monster” shirt. You can see our very cute dog sleeping on it.

The second is an homage to one of our favorite RPGs,Chrono Trigger. MAN, THAT GAME WAS INCREDIBLE. The 6 people who love our band and Chrono Trigger are rejoicing.

There is also a very small amount of Fox shirts that we got back. Those really won’t last long and are only in select sizes.

We also got some copies of “When the Sea Became a Giant” back in stock. It was out of print, but we’ve got some back now. Grab it before it’s gone again.

Get them all here, plus grab the new CYLS joke and the newAnnabel/Dowsing split, because it rules.


CYLS Logo Whole Shirt Empire! Empire! Chrono Trigger Whole Shirt Empire! Empire! Monster Shirt Whole Kitchen Empire! Empire! Ollie Empire_Empire_Fox_Shirt