Tour dates! Japanese Import Malegoat split with live DVD!

Cool announcement time: In 2011, we did a Japanese tour with our friends in malegoat. As you may know, we did a split together that came out last year. It was a co-release with the wonderful stiff slack records, and their version just came out very recently. It features alternate artwork, different colors, AND A LIVE CONCERT DVD with 5 songs from each band. How cool is that?

We have a very limited amount of them for sale in the Count Your Lucky Stars Records webstore and aren’t likely to get them back in stock again. Better get on it! 

Here is the live concert DVD track list:

Empire! Empire!:

1) Water
2) I Am a Snail, and You Are a Pace I Cannot Match
3) Documenting Thirty Days
4) Everything Rests in Your Small Shoulders
5) Keep What You Have Built Up Here


1) Nothing
2) Boredom
3) Tyding
4) resistance activity of the brain
5) Expression

The crew necks are back in stock for a little bit too, but once those are gone, they are gone too. Think spring, people!

Also, our tour to SXSW starts tomorrow.  Here are the dates:

3/08 Indianapolis, IN @ Moon Mansion

3/09 Evansville, IN @ PG

3/10 Nashville, TN- FestHau5 @ NeuHau5:

3/11 Little Rock, AR @ The Main Squeeze

3/12 Austin, TX @ The Liberty- Run For Cover Records Unofficial SXSW:

3/12 Austin, TX @21st Street Co-Op- Topshelf Records Unoffical SXSW:

3/13 Conroe, TX @ The Skramansion:

3/14 San Antonio, TX @ The Ten Eleven:

3/15 Austin, TX @ 21st Street Co-Op- Count Your Lucky Stars Records Unofficial SXSW:

3/16 Ft. Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill

3/17 Kansas City, MO @ The Dollhouse

3/18 Chicago, IL @ Dee Dee ramones funky lab