West Coast/SXSW Dates!

Tour starts this week1  Please come! <3

Empire! Empire!/Parker
March 8th- Rockford IL- Hipster house
March 9th- Rockford, IL- kryptonite
March 10th- Ames, IA- the spacehttp://www.facebook.com/events/303496733038505/?ref=ts
March 11th- Wichita, KS–HALP!
March 12th- Fort Worth, TX- 1919
March 13th -Austin, TX- House Show (Warren franklin and Parker only) / Topshelf showcase (Empire only) http://www.facebook.com/events/313626222021399/y)
March 14th- Austin, TX- CYLS SHOWCASE

Empire! Empire!/Warren Franklin (i.e. Baby Hands)

March 15th- EL PasoTX – Naylair
March 16th- Albuquerque NM–Amped Performance Center
March 17th – Phoenix, AZ- Franco house
March-18th- Las Vegas, NV- Yayo taco
March -19th- Los Angeles, CA- @ McWorld
5011 W. Adams Blvd., http://www.facebook.com/events/299976393392357/
March -20th- San Francisco, CA – Geneva House (message for address)
March- 21st OFF
March 22nd- Portland, OR- The laughing horse
March 23rd – Seattle, WA- the Kraken
March 24th – Boise, ID– Boise Venue
March 25th -Salt Lake City, UT-The undergound
March 26th- Cheyenne, WY- Evan’s House, 3221 Dey Avenue
March 27th – Denver, CO- 4 winds
March 28th-OFF
March29th-Omaha NE–http://www.facebook.com/events/317624488287516/
March 30th-Minneapolis, MN–chamber of secrets
March 31st -Madison, WI