Hey everyone!

We just wanted to give everyone a little update on things!  One, the 7″ via Topshelf Records came in, so I’m guessing they will ship out soon.  They look like this:

In other news, the booking is going well for tour, and we will post some dates soon.  Before we go on tour, however, Cathy and I are entering Studio Minx again to record a bunch of new songs to take care of a bunch of 7″ and comp releases (including the Time as a Color, Rika, Little Viking, AND MORE!).  Very excited to knock this mama-jammers out finally!  Apologies to all those we kept waiting, we are pretty busy these days.  Today, I finished my guest vocals for the Emo Side Project album (which was being held up by me, lulz), so get pumped for that.  Andrew is a man of true talent!