Time as a Color subscription 7″ series!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Penfold reunion, it was an amazing time.  Penfold was incredible, as was Marigold.  You can still get both Penfold records at Count Your Lucky Stars and In the Clouds (different records for sale at each respective label).  Penfold = one of the best bands ever!

We also have an exciting project to announce!  We are participating in a subscription based series, entitled “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs 3×7″.  This is being put out by the incredible label, Time as a Color.  Here is some more info:

chapter I: i found myself in austin, texas // bail // her breath on glass 3-way split 7″ (out in 2 weeks)
unreleased songs by bail and hbog, a song from their demo by ifmiat
chapter II: the rabbit theory // eucalypt // kids return // duct hearts 4-way split 7″ (master is ready, will take care of it as soon as chapter I is out)
chapter III your neighbour the liar // empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) // smithsonian 3-way split 7″

there’s different options for subscriptions:

option a: receive each record as soon as it’s out (in 3 parcels):

germany: eur 15 (payment via bank transfer)
europe/world: eur 20 (payment via paypal)

option b: receive records in 2 parcels (chapter I and II in one mailing as soon as II is out, chapter III + box when it’s out)
europe/world: eur 17

option c: “friends-option” (you and your friend both want option a and i can send them to the same address)
europe/world: eur 29

more info can be found at http://www.timeasacolor.com

We will be in touch soon!