Back from tour, new pre-order, tour!

We are back from tour and we had an amazing time!  Thanks to our buddies in Mountains for Clouds and Nate for coming with us and filling in our missing pieces.  Thanks to Vincent for being an amazing merch guy, and to everyone who came out to our shows and helped booked them.  We know they were last minute, but this still managed to be one of our best tours ever!

Now that we are back, there are a lot things afoot.  Topshelf records have now launched pre-orders for our new 7″, entitled On Time Spent Waiting, Or Placing the Weight of the World on the Shoulders of Those You Love the Most.  You can get it with a T-shirt or as a package deal with all four colors, or just the record itself.  The record is available in Cream, Baby Blue, Green, and Opaque Red, though the Cream is already sold out!  That took less than a day, so make sure you get on a copy before it’s too late!

We also created a tumblr, though at this point it is very bare-boned, but since a lot of people seem to be using that, we figured it was high-time we made one.  Follow us here:  Count Your Lucky Stars now has one too, which can be found at

Next weekend is the big show!  We are playing the Penfold reunion show in Hoboken, NJ at Maxwells.  We couldn’t be more excited!  The vinyl version of Amateurs & Professionals will also be available there, so be excited for that too.

We are also planning on going into the studio to finish up a few small projects we have had in line for some time, and we will keep you updated on that.  Following that, we are planning a nice lil’ three-week jaunt with our good pal and label-mate Warren Franklin to the South and East Coast.  West Coast, don’t hate us, we swear we will make it out there next year.

That’s it for now!