We are back from Japan!  It was honestly one of the best tours we have ever had, and we couldn’t have had a better time.  At some point, I hope to type up a journal of sorts of all the great times we had, but this update is going to have to suffice for now.  We want to thank Tak and everyone who made the trip special, and we can’t wait to come back.

As many of you have already noticed, we brought some cool souvenirs back with us- including our new 7″, Home After Three Months, the new Middle Discography CD, and restocks of the Japanese Imports of What It Takes to Move Forward.  We are already sold out of the Clear variant of the 7″, but there are still some Cream ones left, so get on them while they are still available.

Cool thumbnails!:

On the note of tours, we are about to embark on quite a few more, all within the confines of our lovely country.  The first of such will be in late August with our friends Mountains for Clouds.  Details on that will be up very soon!

We are hoping to have our new 7″ from Topshelf (succinctly titled “On Time Spent Waiting, or Placing the Weight of the World on the Shoulders of Those You Love the Most“) by then.  In the meantime, you can hear a new song the aforementioned release (forgive me if I don’t want to retype it) on the new Topshelf Sampler, which you can download for a “like” or a tweet: