WE LEAVE FOR JAPAN THIS THURSDAY!  Our first show is Friday, and here is the entire tour itinerary:

7/16(土) / Nagoya KD JAPON (052-251-0324)
with malegoat, sora
open 18:30 / start 19:00
adv 2500yen / door 3000yen (w/o drink)

7/17(日) / Tokyo RIPS (042-626-2467)
with malegoat, HELLO HAWK, T.V.not january
open 18:30 / start 19:00
adv 2300yen / door 2800yen (w/o drink)
Lawson / 71571

7/18(月/祝) / Tokyo O-NEST (03-3462-4420)
with malegoat, sora
open 18:30 / start 19:00
adv 2500yen / door 3000yen (w/o drink)
Pcode / 142-432, e+, Lawson, Nest (6/11~)

7/19(火) / Kyoto METRO (075-752-2787)
with CARD, Here,there and everywhere, e;in
open 18:30 / start 19:00(時間変更ありました、ご注意ください)
adv 2300 / door 2800 (w/o drink)
Pcode / 144-469, Lawosn / :56722 (7/2~)

7/20(水) / Osaka PANGEA (06-4708-0061)
with CARD, ハイテンションセックスガール, Liaroid Cinema, LOW-PASS, The Spring Summer
open 17:30 / start 18:00
adv 2500yen / door 3000yen (w/o drink)
Pcode / 143-383, Lawson / 55462, e+ (6/18~)

With that in mind, our official record release show for our brand new EP, Home After Three Months Away is Friday too!  Have you heard it yet?!  You can stream the whole thing, and download a track at our Bandcamp: http://empireempire.bandcamp.com/

Take a look at how gorgeous these look:

And Friday also marks the release date for Middle Discography!  I’m not sure I’ve ever played a release show for two releases at one time!

This guy looks like this:

If you can’t read the track listing, this CD is a mammoth.  Here is what it is comprised of:

1.Our Love Has Made Us Pariahs
2.You Have To Believe That Life Is More Than The Sum Of It’s Parts, Kiddo
3.Lilly, I Have Something Important To Tell You
4.They Will Throw Us To The Wolves
5.K.O. K.O. (The Most Of My Worries Are The Least Of Your Concerns)
6.Year Of The Rabbit
7.idk, my bff jill
8.How To Stay Afloat In A Sea Of Change
9.I knew this because as I drove, the hole that was me and my life was
getting smaller and smaller and was being filled with New Hampshire,
or maybe it was the idea of New Hampshire, but who cares, as long as
it was filling up the hole.
10. Jacob’s Song
11. So How Many Points Do You Have ‘Till You Gain, You Know, the Ultimate Power?
12. It Was Your Heart That Saved You
13. Archival Footage
14. Documenting Thirty Days
15. If We Had Found You Any Later, You Would Have Drowned
16. What Had Taken Years to Put Together Was Destroyed in One Moment
17. Actually, I’m Just Wearing Your Glasses
18. Girls Will Not Frighten the Frost from the Grave

1-5 / from “When the Sea Became a Giant” CD
6, 7 / from “Year of the Rabbit” 7”
8 / from “Summer Tour EP 2009” CD
9 / from “Early Discography” CASETTE
10 / from “VA – Title It Yourself” CASETTE
11, 12, 13 & 17 / bonus tracks from “What It Takes to Move Forward” CD/VINYL/CASETTE
14 / from our split with Football, etc. 7″
15 / from split with Into It. Over It. 7″
16 / from SXSW Promo 7”
18 / previously unreleased

We should have some of both of these releases when we come back!

Anyway, we are beyond excited to get the chance to go Japan, and we can’t wait to meet so many amazing people!  Cathy and I are also lucky to have Andrew from Mountains for Clouds and Barry from Driving on City Sidewalks filling out our band, and our great friend Ryan along for the ride.  Wish us luck on other side of the world!