There, at last, we have a proper home on the web! It’s hard to find time to do things like these nowadays, but it feels great to have something up. Not everything is 100%, but it’s all pretty close. Not only are there going to be new news items here, but I also took the painstakingly long process of copying over all of the old posts from our old blog. We have a lot of new news to share, but my wrist is swollen from our softball game tonight (and typing and making this webpage didn’t help), so that will have to wait. For now, bask in the glory that is a functional website! Also, first person to name the sprites from the game in our banner via facebook gets a free download of our early discography tape. Those of who happen to randomly read this before I post about it tomorrow when I wake up (see: 1pm) have a jump on everyone else. Except nerds. Those guys always have the jump.