2010 Recap

66 Shows
63 Venues
50 Cities
21 States (AL, CT, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, MI, MO, MS, NY, NC, OH, OK, PA, TN, TX, VA, WI)
10 Countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States)
11 Lineups (12 shows w/ DJ on bass, 9 w/ Nate, 9 w/ Andrew, 3 w/ Brandon, 3 w/ Dusten; 17 shows w/ Andrew and Dusten on guitar and bass, 5 w/ Ben and Andy, 5 w/ Chris and Brandon; 1 three-piece acoustic show (without Jon) w/ Chris and Brandon on guitar and bass; 1 three-piece acoustic show (without Cathy) w/ Nate on bass; 1 acoustic show w/ just Keith and Cathy)
6 Bassists (Dusten, DJ, Nate, Andrew, Brandon & Andy)
5 Tours (January (solo), April (Europe w/ Marionette ID), June (w/ Joie de Vivre), October (w/ Mountains for Clouds) & December (w/ Annabel)
3 Releases (The Switchboard Sessions, Early Discography & the Split 7″ w/ Into It. Over It.)
3 CYLS Record-Release Show Appearances (E!E!(IWALE) / Football, etc. – Split 7″, Some People Buy Scenery Like This & E!E!(IWALE) / Into It. Over It. – Split 7″)
2 Mini-Tours (January (solo) & March (w/ It’s Just Vanity))
1 Ridiculous One-Day Tour (A.R.M. Fest, July)
Friends we shared the stage (floor) with: Algernon Cadwallader, All Shook Down, Annabel, Ape Up, Ben Hendricks, Bike Tuff, Bogota Orkestar, Boleyn, Book Slave, Bows and Arrows, Boys & Sex, The Break Ups, Butt Babies, Cloud Mouth, Clovenhoof, Coney Island, Coping, Diving, Electric Courage Machine, Elliot Street Lunatic, Emo Side Project, Everyday/Everynight, Everyone Everywhere, Family Might, Football Etc, For Serious This Time, For Want Of, Fugue, A Ghost and The Theory, Glocca Morra, The Greek Favourites, Grizzly J Berry, The Ground Is Lava, Head Home, High Five Atom Bomb, Hightide Hotel, Homelife, Horned Crow, Hostage Calm, I Am Mute, I Know Everything, Into It Over It, It’s Just Vanity, Jet Set Sail, Joie de Vivre, Just Die, Leach, Leaving Songs, Les Doux, Lemuria, Light Years, Living & Wrestling, Love Drug, Marionette ID, Martin Luther King, Mellified Man, Merchant Ships, Monument, Mountains for Clouds, My Heart to Joy, Options, Pansori, Pennines, Perfect Future, Plans Change, The Please and Thank Yous, Que Seurte, Ramming Speed, The Reptilian, Rika, Robbers, Single Female Lawyer, Sixteen, Sleep Bellum Sonno, Sleeper, Spirit Animal, Snakeosaurus Rex, Snowing, Stubborn Tiny Lights, Sundials, Summer Ends, SWTHRT, Temple, Texas Instruments, Two Knights, War Dogs of the Pacific, Warren Franklin, What Price Wonderland, Yearbooks, & Young American Landscape