Happy New Year!

2009 Recap:

Get ready to think I’m really dorky..

53 Shows
46 Venues
38 Cities
16 States (CT, GA, IL, KY, MA, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TN, VA & WI)
6 CYLS Record-Release Show Appearances (Each and Everyone, Boys’ Life, Summer Months, Summer Fences, Perfect Future & What It Takes to Move Forward)
5 Lineups (23 shows w/ DJ on bass, 21 w/ Ahmad, 7 w/ Nate, 1 w/ No Bassist & 1 w/ just Keith and Cathy)
3 Releases (Summer Tour EP ’09, What It Takes to Move Forward LP & Split 7″ w/ Football, Etc.)
3 Mini-Tours (June, July & Thanksgiving)
2 Compilation Appearances (Title It Yourself & Almost Free Music)
2 Tours (March & August)
2 Ridiculous One-Day Tours (June & July)
Friends we shared the stage with: Ahmad Naboulsi, Annabel, Alco, Algernon Cadwallader, Brave Captain, Castevet, Cheap Girls, Continental Things, Death in the Park, Deer Friends, Definition Plexus, Eat People, Father Time, The Forecast, Freaky J & The Bears, The Gamma Foundation, The Give A Hoot, Grown Ups, Henry Gale, Husky Puppies, I Am the Branch, In the Clear, It’s Just Vanity, Joie de Vivre, The Joint Chiefs of Math, Karate Christ, La Dispute, Lights at Sea, Moneen, Moving Mountains, мища, Native, New Brunswick, Noumenon, Orphans, Ossimer, Perfect Future, The Plurals, Prawn, Presea, Pswingset, The Reptilian, Run Forever, Sirdidymous, Sleep Bellum Sonno, Slingshot Dakota, Small Houses, Snakeosaurus Rex, Snowing, The Summer Pledge, Thought and Memory, Trisorta, Truncated Lions, The Usual, Victor! Fix the Sun, We Were Skeletons, & What’s Good.
Clutch Performances: Keith graduated from grad school, Cathy got a sweet promotion, Jon became a substitute teacher & CYLS signed a bunch of sweet bands and put out a bunch of sweet records.

2010 Plans:

January Tour
Part I:

1/01 Fri COLUMBUS, OH @ The Crackhouse w/ High Five, Atom Bomb

1/02 Sat – NASHVILLE, TN @ The Rabbit Hole w/ Leach

1/04 Mon – HOUSTON, TX @ The Mink w/ Football, Etc. (Unofficial Split 7″ Release!)
1/05 Tue – AUSTIN, TX @ Trailer Space Records w/ The Reptilian, Cloud Mouth & For Want Of
1/06 Wed – FORT WORTH, TX @ 1919 Hemphill w/ Lemuria & O Pioneers!!!
1/07 Thu – Show Canceled. Help? (Oklahoma)
1/08 Fri – KANSAS CITY, MO @ Salt Water Taffy House w/ Emo Side Project
1/09 Sat – ST. LOUIS, MO @ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center w/ My Heart to Joy & Hostage Calm
1/10 Sun – Help? (Indianapolis)
Part II
1/15 Fri – SOUTH BEND, IN @ The Cabana House w/ Merchant Ships & Leaving Songs
1/16 Sat – CHICAGO, IL @ Beat Kitchen (17+) w/ Joie de Vivre & Mountains for Clouds
1/17 Sun – Help? (Wisconsin)
1/23 Sat – EAST LANSING, MI @ The Small Planet for The Record Lounge’s “Middle of the Mitten” Local Showcase (10 Bands)
Big thanks to everyone who helped us book those hot dates!
Bassist Situation
November & December were so crazy with work/school/shows/label stuff/family reunions/illnesses/booking tour/hanging with old friends that we literally have not had time to even begin to address this seemingly fundamental issue. So.. we haven’t held any “tryouts” yet. To everyone who has inquired, we’re sorry for taking forever getting back to you.. Our old bassist, DJ, will be filling in for January, and after that we will hopefully have more time to sort out this dilemma. We won’t be booking any more shows until we find someone, so it’s “Bassist by February or Bust”, because:
We’re Probably Going to Europe in April
This awesome band from Budapest, called Marionette ID, has invited us to go on tour with them overseas. We’re really excited; however, this- coupled with our current lack of a bassist- means that our previous plans for a tour this March are officially defunct. Sorry, southeast USA.. I was really looking forward to Spring Break Tour ’10.
Upcoming Recordings?
We have two new songs that are just about ready to be recorded. We’d like to lay them down soon after tour. One of them is going on a Split 10″ with our CYLS label-mates Joie de Vivre, The Reptilian, and Annabel. The other will be a bonus track on the vinyl release of “When the Sea Became a Giant.” After that? Maybe we’ll be feeling really sassy. We might just pump out a new EP!
Other CYLS Releases to Look Forward to:
Joie de Vivre’s “The North End” LP
Boris Smile’s “Rockets” EP
Moving Mountains’ “Pnuema” 2xLP
Colossal’s EP on Vinyl
Full-lengths from Football, Etc., Snowing & Pswingset!
Brave Captain? Someday?
.. and Deer Friends?!