Oh yeah…

After driving from 2 am to 5 pm on Friday, we are back in the Great
Lakes state! The show Friday night at the Black Shamrock was great. We
got to play Sleep Bellum Sono again, and those guys are amazing.
Thought and Memory also rocked the house. Ahmad raised the roof during
their entire set. We had a lot of fun, but not too much fun… we knew
what was ahead of us. Because of Jon’s craziness and wanting to run
the Crim on Saturday morning, and my needing to be at work, we decided
to drive right from the show in East Meadow (Long Island) all the way
to Michigan. So drive we did. Keith and I took turns driving from 2 am
to 8 am, and then Jon and Ahmad took over until we got home.
We made a slightly random stop in Toledo after finding out that
Keith’s parents and grandpa were in town (also from Michigan). So we
hung out, and got lunch at a yummy eatery with delicious waffle fries!
Jon kicked ass in the Crim (which is a big race in Flint where he ran
10 miles).

I heard he earned a gold star. And before we knew it, it
was Sunday and we had another show at the amazing Maruma open house
(’09). We partied hard. Really hard. We watched some Guitar Hero
prodigies, and ate cake. We left the night with a seemingly 30 lb bag
full of meatballs. What more could you ask for?
All in all, the tour was great!