I thought we were tight, CT. I thought we were like THIS (fingers crossed).

Despite Tony and Jeff’s best efforts to put on a good Tuesday night show at Cousin Larry’s in Danbury, we were simply out of our element. The place sounds amazing, but unfortch no one came out, and winning over bar crowds isn’t exactly our strong suit. We even had a heckler or two. I personally enjoyed Failure’s Art and Supervolcano, but on the whole, Connecticut can suck it.

So for Wednesday, it was back to the basement, where we belong. Thanks to: Sam’s parents, for letting us be loud in their home; Karate Christ, Along the Way, and In the Clear for letting us on the bill; and Joseph and everyone else who came out to watch us and/or bought a shirt and/or EP. I hope those disposable camera shots surface at some point. My only regret is that we didn’t have time to partake in the rope swing / pond activities, which sounded scary but awesome.

BIG THANKS to Keith’s sister Amy and her boyfriend Jeff for letting us stink up their living room for the last three nights. We had a blast sweating it out with you in the van at 60 mph on the way to and from the show.

Today, we wave a final goodbye to Providence, RI. On the way out, I will make sure to keep an eye out for Harry’s Mutt Cutts van. Maybe we’ll even stop at Freda Feltcher’s in Cranston for some French tickling. Hopefully we don’t have to trade in our van straight up to some kid for his moped.

I will now leave you with some assorted tour photos and maybe even a few videos of us being ballers in Philly.