Feel better Hampton, thanks for the brownies!

What a day! After a long drive from Erik’s in New Brunswick we finally made it to Hagerstown, Maryland for an awesome afternoon show at Hampton’s. Sadly, Hampton is insanely ill and fighting for his life against an unnamed ailment (probably the flu). But he’s still young and spry, feel better buddy!

The show was totally awesome. We played with local badasses Eat People and мища(pronounced Mischa), as well as The Usual and Sunlines. Because it was an afternoon show in a garage, it was hot as hell and my bass is now covered in delicious sweat streaks. COOL! But it was totally awesome anyway and can’t wait to get back to Hagerstown.

Post show, we realized that we had no where to stay! So instead of staying in Maryland, we decided to supplement our 4 hour drive from New Brunswick to Hagerstown with a (supposedly) 6 hour drive to Rhode Island where Keith’s sister Amy lives. So we said good bye to Hampton and thanked his mom for the yummy brownies and Gatorade and hit the road around 7ish. It is now 3:20am and we are still only in Connecticut. Why? Because being from Michigan, we underestimated the severity (and smelliness) that is I-95 traffic in New Jersey. Tolls are now the arch nemesis of Empire! Empire!. We are now about 2 hours behind schedule and $12.10 poorer. New York City tolls were no help either. So in short, thanks, tolls. You’re a douche.

Here’s a video from Hamptons! Enoy!