So hot…

alright, it’s finally my turn to update this beast!

where to start? i’m going to go back and touch on the algernon show and say that it was amazing, but it was also a total bummer because we ran into some technical difficulties in the first time for like two years. bad timing! so we scrambled around during our set and tried to figure it out, and we tried every option we thought it might be until we finally figured out that it was cathy’s cab. which is pretty random because those things hardly ever are the problem. but joe from algernon let us borrow his cab (thanks!) and we barrelled through three more songs for a short but fun set. sweet redemption.

after that, we hung out with jon and ross from snowing, and heard how they mispronounce “tour”. also had an invigorating chat about gilmore girls, which is an amazing show if you didn’t already know. rory is a hottie! and kirk is now doing those kgb commercials! bill buckner!

in the morning, jon and his parents totally made us waffles! heck yeah!

then we set up for new jersey, but we had some time to kill, and it was jon’s birthday so we decided to take a little detour to philly. i am not going to lie, philly cheese steaks were the motivation, and it was all worth it.

there was a basketball court right across the street and jon had brought along a ball, so he grabbed it, and we proved to all philly we had absolutely no game. fresh prince eat your heart out!

after that, we fulfilled jon’s life-long dream of running up the steps of the philadelphia art museum ala rocky, and it was an epic moment for all of us. except for maybe cathy because she was far too lazy to run up the steps and follow him. tsk! tsk!

i’m going to go on a small tangent here to explain one of the reasons it was such an epic moment. jon, for whatever reason, is not a fan of sleeping bags. the man refuses to take one with him, and to everyone else, they are tour essentials. last time we brought and extra for him, and it never left the van. he is a anti-sleeping bag semite.

at any rate, in leau of a sleeping bag, jon instead dons a fantastic gray sweatsuit to sleep in. and he just lays on the floor and goes to sleep. i imagine in his dreams he is sweating to the oldies and jazzersizing like there is no tomorrow. richard simmons eat your heart out!

so what could more perfect for jon’s ascension to rocky-like status than wearing this magnificent jumpsuit? complete with incredible rocky impressions and gray glory, jon pumped his way to the top. my heart almost stopped when he reached the top, and if i had seen the movie in the last ten years, i might have cried. ahmad did.

thinking of sylvester stallone reminds me of rambo as well, but more of the nintendo game than the movie. for those of you foolish enough not to know of the glory of this nintendo game, you should seriously reevaluate your lives. i am tempted to post nothing but screen shots of the action as opposed to actual video, but since it was jon’s birthday, i will pass. still, it might be a good time to buy stock in nintendo, because after this blog post i am guessing stock will rise at least 10,000% solely from people purchasing this game.

then it was time to head back to the hot, hot, sauna-like van. let me take a minute to appreciate this glorious piece of machinery: there is no air-conditioning and all of the sudden this very mild summer has taken a turn for the worse and actually decided to grow some balls.
bad timing! to make matters far worse, the driver’s side window is a total jerk and refuses to roll down, and all the windows in the back only open a crack, which does little to nothing to cool things down. all of this is a dreaded combination for august, and it is safe to say we have all sweat off like five pounds already.

while cathy and i took a nap on the way to jersey, ahmad and jon were stuck in a good ol’ sunday night traffic jam. all of which meant we missed our good friends deer friends set, as well as sad zombie. we were totally bummed. all the kids at the show told us that it was probably beach traffic of people coming back to jersey, but i would rather believe it was a conspiracy designed to make us late for the show.

after we got there, we immediately did some surgery on cathy’s cab, and got that bad-boy back in action and had a great time rocking out in a hot, hot basement. though it was debatable which was hotter: the basement or the van.

after the set, we hung out with jersey’s finest people! erik, my friend, you are an amazing guy, and we had a good time talking music and maps. we will forever cherish the map you gave us, and as we speak the m and m’s are melting to a glorious mess in our van.

next stop, maryland!


keith <3<3<3<3<3<3

with a cartridge like that, you are already getting a boner. even if
you are a chick.

…and now you are spent!

i am in the van right now so i can’t upload the video’s, but they will
be up soon!