From the Galm Household…

Tonight’s show was RAD! We got to hang with the Algernon dudes, Paul and Marco from Great Friend of Mine, and Ross and John from Snowing. In fact, I’m writing this from the Galm household, where John’s parents have generously allowed us to crash (on beds even!). So in the spirit of kindness, touring, and pop(not soda) a huge shout out to The Galms for being awesome human beings. This blog post is officially dedicated to them.

We still haven’t managed to get pictures or video footage from our shows. We actually had a bit of a technical mishap tonight, so you may not have even wanted to see us in 10 minutes of “shiiiiiiiiiiit”. But we still have goodies.

Here’s us post late-night dinering with John and Ross:

And here’s 19 year old John on the front of a local magazine, reping AUDIO RECORDING CLUB. There are pics floating online, but this is the original from the guest bedroom.


Also, happy birthday to our Jon. He turns 24 today! We’re taking him to a movie.