Going to Pittsburgh!

YO. Finally we’ve gotten a chance to update this thing! The past couple nights have been pretty awesome. Wednesday we had our kickoff at the Montie House in East Lansing with Cheap Girls, The Give A Hoot, and our pals The Plurals. A good time was had! But we missed Tenement and The Used Kids, who were stuck in Columbus. Shout outs to Mac for loaning us his speakers and my buddy Nate Papi-Wark for helping us set up the show.

Last night we played in Toledo with Annabel, Husky Puppies, and Slingshot Dakota. For reasons we won’t go into, the show ended up running super late and a couple sets were cut short. It was a slightly shady, but otherwise, awesome show featuring Slingshot’s rad as hell Fugazi cover. We also met two lovely animals, Molly and Dodger. I’ll put a picture of our late night Big Boy excursion when it’s up.

Today we’re driving to Pittsburgh and are armed with Vitamin Water and cream soda. See you all there!

Here are a couple videos to tide you over.