Watch our first music video ever!

We are very proud to present to you our first music video ever! Watch the video for “A Keepsake” from our last LP “You Will Eventually Be Forgotten” at BrooklynVegan now! Features guest vocals from Bob Nanna of Braid/Hey Mercedes fame.

If you love old school Nintendo JRPGs, you will love this sucker. Bonus points if you can spot all the references!

A big, big thanks to Jeremy Lowther for programming the whole video. Visit his page/hire him here:

Watch it here:…/

You can pick up the record and other Empire! things at Count Your Lucky Stars Records and Topshelf Records now:



Last o’ the merch!

Empire! Final Crap Soft

Hey! I’m going to type up a long-winded heart-felt thank you about the last show/tour/career and what’s next, etc.- but first, we’ve gotten a lot of emails and messages asking if we have any merch left over from tour. We do! In fact, we got two brand new shirts printed for tour!

The first one is a Secret of Mana homage. Everyone knows I love my JPRGs, and this one is a very cool mash-up. Drawn by Raphael Bastek (who also did the Chrono Trigger shirt!)

The second one is a flaming car by the talented Corey Purvis. You’ve seen his designs, they all rule. This one is no different.

Both pictures are in the thumbnails of this collage, and bigger pics are on the website.

We have some Picnic shirts and Treasure crews left too.

We don’t have a lot of anything left though. Some of them are only available in limited sizes too. We put what is left up at Count Your Lucky Stars Records webstore. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. FOREVER. So get it now if you want it. Don’t come crying to us if you miss out wink emoticon

On top of that, we got in a few “You Will Eventually Be Forgotten” CD imports from Japan. These puppies have alternate artwork and two bonus tracks. For the completest in you.

Also, CYLS is having a sale until 5/22 for our in-stock albums/goods. Here is what you can get:

“What It Takes to Move Forward” 2xLP- $15/ CD $5
“When the Sea Became a Giant” 10″ EP- $10
“You Will Eventually Be Forgotten” LP- $10/ CD $5


CYLS Split #2: $5
Rika Split: $5

(You can also get our split with Joie De Vivre and the In Which the Choices EP, they just aren’t on sale)

Graphic Novel:
Ribbon- Paperback- $5 (The hardcover is still $25)

YWEBF Release Poster: $8

Grab it all at…/empire…/products

Thanks! Good luck finding what you want! heart emoticon

One last rodeo!

Empire! Empire! Farwell Tour 2k16

Today we announce our intentions to formally lay Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) to rest. We count ourselves lucky and privileged to have been able to do this for an entire decade.

We want to thank every band that toured with/ filled in for us, our friends, family, and puppy for support. Thanks to all the labels we conned into releasing our material, Mat Halliday of Minx Recording Studio for recording like 80% of our catalog, and anyone else that helped along the way. Thanks to all the people who let us play at their house, school/venue/ art space and let us sleep on their floor. Thanks for writing to American Airlines on our behalf when they destroyed Keith’s guitar or for donating to us to help get another van when a drunk driver plowed into it and our house. But most of all, thank you for listening, coming to shows, and being a part of our lives.

We weren’t the best record keepers, so we’re unsure of how many shows we played, but it was a pretty high number (easily over 500) including 30 tours, and playing in 18 countries, as well as the contiguous US (sorry Alaska/Hawaii). We released 66 songs, spanning 23 releases (2 LPs, 6 EPs, 12 splits, 2 discographies, a compilation, as well as a graphic novel).

In total, we had 6 bassists, 4 drummers, and even a third guitarist for a minute. In 2011, we (mostly) stopped looking for members, and just borrowed our friends to fill in the missing parts- usually the band we were on tour with. We borrowed members from at least 15 different bands. Every time you saw us, you got to guess who was going to be on stage!

We’re going on one last tour in April with some of our BFFs Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers, and we’d love for you to come out and see us off. These are it, there will not be anymore. If you miss these, forever hold your peace. We’re sorry we can’t play everywhere.

4/15 Cleveland, OH@ Mahalls:
4/16 Pittsburgh, PA- Broken World Fest:
4/17 Philadelphia, PA @ the Fire:
4/18 Boston, MA @ Great Scott:…
4/19 New Haven, CT @ Lyric Hall:
4/20 New York, NY @ Shea Stadium:…
4/21 Montclair, NJ @ Old Mogule Theater:…
4/22 Washington, D.C. @ Song Bryd:…
4/23 Athens, OH- Lobster Fest:
4/24 Chicago, IL @ the Beat Kitchen:

Our last show will be at our favorite venue ever, in Flint, Michigan at the Flint Local 432 on May 7th with a bunch of friends.

5/7 Flint, MI @ Flint Local 432:

Thanks again for everything. Really hope to see you one last time at one of these shows!


Keith, Cathy, Gooey

P.S. All of stuff will be free/pay-what-you-want at our Bandcamp for probably forever:

Weekender with The Saddest Landscape


It’s been a while since we have played a show or been on tour. So we are excited to announce we are doing a weekender with our friends in The Saddest Landscape November 6th-8th.

Here are the dates:

11/6 Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar
11/7 Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen
11/8 Lakewood, OH @ Mahalls

See you soon!

Pre-Order “What It Takes to Move Forward” at Count Your Lucky Stars

Pre-Orders for “What It Takes to Move Forward” are now up at Count Your Lucky Stars Records! Get the record in three different color combinations: Gold, Half in half: Easter yellow/electric blue with double mint splatter, a/b: Sea blue/bone A side B side c/d: Blood red/bone A side B side. Gold is the rare one, if you are wondering.

You can also pick up the CD version, which is only $3 because there was a printing error and one of the bonus tracks got left off.

The split with Joie De Vivre just got added too!