Pre-Order “What It Takes to Move Forward” at Count Your Lucky Stars

Pre-Orders for “What It Takes to Move Forward” are now up at Count Your Lucky Stars Records! Get the record in three different color combinations: Gold, Half in half: Easter yellow/electric blue with double mint splatter, a/b: Sea blue/bone A side B side c/d: Blood red/bone A side B side. Gold is the rare one, if you are wondering.

You can also pick up the CD version, which is only $3 because there was a printing error and one of the bonus tracks got left off.

The split with Joie De Vivre just got added too!

Tour with Dikembe

We are hitting the road next month with Dikembe! If you have seen their poster, it looks like we are playing more dates than we actually are. We are playing a few dates without Dikembe and they are a playing a bunch without us.

Here are the dates we are playing:

June 25 TBA*
June 26 Nashville, TN @ Exponent Manor*
June 27 Atlanta, GA @ Purgatory
June 28 Charlotte NC @ Neighborhood Theatre
June 30 Richmond VA @ Strange Matter
July 1 Washington, DC @ Commet Ping Pong
July 2 Philadelphia, PA @ Philamoca
July 3 Howel, NJ @ GameChanger World
July 5 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
July 6 Oakville, CT @ Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes
July 7 Providence, RI @ Black Box
July 8 Allston, MA @ Cophouse
July 9 Montreal, QC @ Bar Le Ritz PDB
July 10 Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dees
July 11 St. Catharines, ON @ Detour Music Hall
July 12 Rochester, NY @ The Bugjar
July 14 Detroit, MI @ TBA
July 15 Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen

* Without Dikembe

Help us get a new van, please!

Our van got totaled by a drunk driver and we  need your help getting back on the road.  So we are trying to raise some monies with your help!  Here are the ways you can help us get back on the road:

Directly via Paypal (best way)

GoFundMe :

We have made our entire discography pay-what-you-want, and you can enter in any amount you wish when you download something:

You can also buy things from our store online:

The top 5 donations will net you a test press of “What It Takes to Move Forward” or “You Will Eventually Be Forgotten”. This is for any medium, not just the Go Fund Me one.

Thank you so much for your help, we really appreciate it. We can’t wait to get a new van so we can get back on the road and see you all again heart emoticon

Back from tour/updates

We are back from tour! Thanks to everyone who came out. This was one of the most hectic and crazy tours, and the universe kept throwing stuff in our way, from the truck hitting our van and house, renting a van, renting a second van to get into Canada because the first van company wouldn’t allow it, shows moving venues, and merch issues. But we did it, and it was great.

First, everyone who ordered “What It Takes to Move Forward” from Count Your Lucky Stars Records- we are getting to them as fast as we can, but we left everything in an absolute mess just to be able to tour and are still dealing with issues with our house. The records will start to be packed and shipped again on Thursday, but it may be a while before they all go out. We got over 800 pre-orders plus normal orders, so are super swamped as is. We’re sorry about that, but there are still so many things we need to take care of that demand our attention much more.

Second, we have a limited amount of tour presses of What It Takes left, and we will put them up in our webstore NEXT TUESDAY AT NOON EST. This will be your only chance to get them from us. We will also have a new crew neck and a few other new items.

Finally, and maybe even most important: our van has been officially totaled and we are at a major loss of what to do. We talked to some friends and thought about it and we want to keep going on tour as much as possible, so we are going to start a Gofundme to help supplement the costs of a new van. We will also launch that on Tuesday at noon. Anything you can donate will help us get back up on our feet and back out on the road.

I think that’s it for now! Talk soon


Empire! Empire!

Tour! House crash! Car Crash! Tour?

What a house looks like with a giant truck sticking in itGood times with a truck in your house

On Sunday evening, our parked van and our house were struck by a drunk driver (yes, you are reading that right). Cathy and I (and our dog) were in another room when it occurred, so fortunately no one was hurt, but the driver took out most of both our other bedrooms. The driver was also somehow ok. We live in the middle of nowhere and about 100 feet off the road, so the odds of this happening have to be so silly mathematically low.

A giant pick-up truck barreling through your house and car at a very high speed does of a lot of damage and complicates life to a ridiculous point. Since then, we have been on roller coaster after roller coaster, trying to get things back in order and also seeing if it was going to even be a possibility to go out on tour. Setting house stuff aside- there is now no longer a gaping hole and our house is now not being supported by a large, Chevy truck, but there are still many things to fix- we still have to deal with issues with our van. The insurance company won’t let us move it- let alone use it for tour, and things aren’t moving fast enough for that to be an option. We don’t know if it’s totaled right now, or if we were lucky and have just minor repairs.

Depending at what point you asked us this week, we could tell you with absolute certainty that tour was on or tour was off, and it would swing so easily one way or another. Right now, it is looking pretty good. We are getting a rental van, we are trying to make this happen. I would give it a solid 90% that tour is still on at this point.

We lost a lot of stuff, but stuff is replaceable. We are just happy to be ok, and happy that we can go back out on the road to see everyone for this special tour. See you soon!

Keith/Cathy/Ollie +(Jon/Gooey/Warren)

P.S. Please excuse us if your order at Count Your Lucky Stars Records is taking a while to ship. Our stuff is everywhere now.

Here is the tour with Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers:

All dates:

1/29 Cleveland, OH @ Mahalls:
1/30 Chicago, IL @ Reggies
1/31 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Death House
2/2 Toronto, ON @ The Cave
2/3 Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar Event:
2/4 Somerville, MA @ Cuisine En Local Event:
2/5 North Haven, CT @ Up All Night Collective:
2/6 New York, NY @ Palisades

2/7 Philadelphia, PA @ The Golden Tea House
2/8 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Smiling Moose